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Our mission: helping your customers find the products they need in record time.

Experience Suite

To achieve our mission, we are introducing solutions that will offer diverse entry points for your customers to kickstart their shopping journeys.

Shopping Guides is the first solution of our Experience Suite.
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What is Shopping Guide?

Shopping Guide is a thoroughly designed set of steps aimed at guiding your customers to the ideal product that perfectly aligns with their needs. It’s like an in-store salesperson or personal shopper available 24/7 to help your customers find the product that best meets their expectations.

Shopping Guide focuses on identifying and analyzing the specific needs of your customers, then translating those needs into precise product characteristics, allowing it to find the perfect product match. This intelligent and efficient system helps your customers navigate your vast product range with more confidence and ease, optimizing their shopping experience.

Is Shopping Guide right for your company?

Shopping Guide is an essential tool for businesses with a diverse range of products and options. It is particularly useful for businesses that sell complex or technical products, as it simplifies the selection process and help customers choose the product that best meets their needs while reducing the risk of losing them among the multitude of options and products available.

By integrating Shopping Guide into your website, you contribute to creating a smoother and more enjoyable shopping experience for your customers, thus increasing their satisfaction and engagement with your brand.

How it works?

Shopping guides, seamlessly integrated into your website, act as sales agents available 24/7 to guide your customers in their shopping experiences.

Your PIM is a Gold Mine

For a successful implementation of Shopping Guides, having solid Product Data is crucial, and that’s where a PIM (Product Information Management) system comes into play.

Option one – you already have a PIM, excellent! We can integrate our Shopping Guide solution to it.

Option two – you don’t have a PIM. Then, our Shopping Guide solution is built on Akeneo PIM Community Edition, recognized as a top-tier PIM in the market and known for its user-friendly interface, robust technical design, and easy extensibility.

Elevate your product data to new heights

After installation, locating the Shopping Guide app is easy – simply navigate to the newly introduced Experience tab on the Akeneo administration main menu.

Steps for adding a shopping guide to your website

Ready to provide a guided shopping experience to your customers?
Let’s dive in!

Step 1 – Build your guide and shape the flow

Discover the Shopping Guide tile and build as many guides as you like.

Once you’ve filled in the guide basics like code, channel, and labels, dive into the fun part – adding steps and options.

Steps can be questions or friendly instructions, while options are the cool answers and choices your customers can explore. Steps and Options natively support multilingual, allowing you to effortlessly guide your customers in the language of their choice.

Customizing filters on options provide limitless possibilities, allowing you to build queries combining various product attributes. This flexibility empowers you to showcase specific products when particular options are selected.

Step 2 – Preview and fine-tune your guide

Now that you’ve build your guide, it’s time to give it a test run. Previewing allows you to step into your customers’ shoes and experience your guide just as they would. This invaluable perspective lets you ensure that every step flows nicely and that the options presented align perfectly with your vision.

We don’t stop there. Fine-tuning is where the magic happens. Make adjustments with ease, refining each element until your guide is finely tuned to perfection. Whether it’s tweaking the language, adjusting the sequence, or polishing the overall look, this stage is your opportunity to make it shine.

Step 3 – Launch Your Guide

You’re set to publish and integrate your guide into your website. Click on the “Publish” tab and fill in the required details. Choose a secured connection API for your integrated guide to retrieve steps, options, and resulting product recommendations.

Click on “Build Script” to generate a compiled javascript script, copy the tags, and integrate them on any page of your website.

Now, enjoy having a guide that’s fully prepared to enhance your customers’ shopping experience.