I started Samareo because, let’s be real, finding the right product online often takes forever! And when we finally find what we need, we are faced with so many choices, so many options! “Help, what should I pick?”. We’ve all been stuck in that “choice paralysis” moment.

After we make a decision and order something, it shows up at our door, sometimes it’s not quite what we expected. Not the right size, does not have the feature we did not think about, because we are no expert… Then, we’re like, “Hmm, maybe I should’ve gone for something different.” So, we return it, try a similar product, try another brand, or even think about hitting up a store in town.

Imagine if we’d just gone to a store in the first place. A friendly and experienced salesperson could’ve asked about our needs, understood them and pointed us to the perfect match. Result? A satisfied customer who keeps their purchase because it’s just the product they needed.

Well, that’s exactly what Samareo is all about – being your online shopping guide, helping you make the right choices.

Let’s make eCommerce experiences awesome, focusing on understanding what your customers really need and recommending the right product(s).

That’s the Samareo mission – let’s do it together!

Founders Note